CHUCK BETTIS – Arc Of Enlightenment


Chains of biotically complex rhythms whose pulsation is enriched by acoustic microorganisms of infinite varieties and countless degrees of brightness, distortion, spuriousness. Spontaneous generation of pliable substances without the slightest chance of a normal “harmony”, still making sense according to a logic exclusively their own. Constellations of penetrating, if constantly changing signals, stimulating a kind of mental reactivity that no conventional study can equal. Scalar sequences in hypnotic repetition revealing an undergrowth of interferences that would have driven Klaus Schulze crazy. Mysterious communications from faceless beings of indeterminable intelligence, informed by codes totally incomprehensible to those who need to blather full-time in order to increase the level of commiseration of their forlorn existence by genuinely evolved interlocutors.

All of the above, plus much more ridiculously indescribable, is featured on Arc Of Enlightenment by Chuck Bettis, one of the most incisive composers and improvisers working with semi-rebellious electronics. It feels good to receive small but significant gifts like this, capable of removing the “been there, done that” wax from the ears while dispelling the fog of apathetic mediocrity that plagues the brain after listening to someone talk for too long. You see, titles like “Rejected Funeral” and “Existential Extinction” speak for themselves. So, let’s leave the so-called cosmic symphonies to the scientists who can’t even tell a conductor from a composer. Dying with an open mouth, they call it.

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