SPINIFEX – Soufifex


If one couldn’t tell from the title, for this album Spinifex were influenced by Sufi music, incorporating in their performing stance the principal elements related to it. The band’s lineup on this occasion includes Tobias Klein (alto sax), Bart Maris (trumpet), John Dikeman (tenor sax), Jasper Stadhouders (guitar), Gonçalo Almeida (bass) and Philipp Moser (drums).

The sound herein revolves around straightforward, if poly-rhythmically obsessive theme cells that become the pretext for repeated blowouts inside extremely effervescent dynamics. Monodic excursions alternate with ensemble movements occasionally reminiscent of Curlew, odd time signatures constantly displacing an average listener’s mainly binary tapping foot. Oblique counterpoints and solo intersections by the reeds reciprocate over powerful bass vamps. A slightly divergent track is my favorite “Unnecessary Lines,” whose beginning is rather quiet and somewhat sinister.  But what comes next crackles like fireworks.

Soufifex didn’t spark the reviewer’s uncontrollable enthusiasm typically connected to the enjoyment of authentically disruptive interaction. But neither is there any doubt that the players mastered the offered music down to the smallest detail. Their lively integrity devoid of snooty attitudes is welcome within these ears, which retained interest and focus from start to finish.

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