NULA.CC – Beyond Sublargo

Self Release

The possibility of autonomously recording and processing environmental sounds has given rise to a seemingly infinite cast of characters with questionable creative ability throughout the past few decades, who – following in the footsteps of the genre’s pioneers – have released albums that are completely pointless. I’m delighted to report that Lloyd Dunn does not fall into this group. In Beyond Sublargo the artist known as provides us with exemplary work, enhanced by a definite sense of proportion and a healthy dose of commitment to “here and now” bordering on endlessness.

It’s interesting to note that these pieces were distilled from extensive improvisations. They do, in fact, have a cohesive structure, a clear progression and, most importantly, the potential to delineate, not just the episodic conjuncture they might be connected to – which isn’t all that intuitive to begin with – but rather their positioning within a chain of psychoacoustic confluences in relation with something incredibly profound. Since genuine trance is frequently experienced by the sensitive being even in conditions of deafening noise, one should not necessarily highlight the hypnotic component of the sonorities affecting the listener in this circumstance. You’ll see what I mean if you try turning up the volume during “Between Twilights”.

Still, there are times when it is possible to deduce the title’s main meaning. This is the case with the gorgeously moving “Oblivion”: nearly 18 minutes of totally pure connection warranting a brief break from troubling thought. Like in every other instance, it is practically impossible to pinpoint the sources of the flow. However, it is also abundantly evident that this call has resonated forever, and that a mind with Dunn’s electroacoustic prowess is capable of channeling its underlying impulses in a way that distinguishes him from the mere gatherers of sonic waste.

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