CLINTON GREEN & BARNABY OLIVER – The Interstices Of These Epidemics

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Quite often Australia discloses interesting perspectives in the improvisational landscape. On this occasion we are faced with two artists previously unknown in this house, who for about three years now have been pursuing a somewhat minimalist balance of texture and spirit over the course of regular sessions. In The Interstices Of These Epidemics the instrumentation – however variable – includes metal bowls played with a bow (Clinton Green) plus violin and piano (Barnaby Oliver).

In “The Interstices” the coalescence of metal and strings produces a series of semi-dissonant, never-too-loud organic stratifications. Imagine David Jackman’s rawer output sounding decidedly more moderate – say, as on an Another Timbre recording – and you’ll have a faint idea of what I’m meaning here. The relative fragility of the pitches enhances the release of specific harmonics from their combination, placing the music in a niche between contemplative mood (always with an eye open) and slight uneasiness.”Of These Epidemics” is strongly characterized by Oliver playing peaceful sequences on the piano, a resonance reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s Rick Wright circa “The Great Gig In The Sky” but with an entrancing repetitiveness à la Charlemagne Palestine. The fluctuation of those chords along the strident mantra of Green’s bowed bowls is uniquely delightful.

Without the need of revolutions, the duo’s interaction remains accessible to most everybody. Overall, an appreciably unadulterated work.

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