The New Way – a double LP by interdisciplinary artist Mark Cetilia to which I arrived, as always, culpably late – speaks volumes about the interaction between a knowledgeable sonic investigator, his unique apparatus, and a responsive environment. Many of you are probably aware of the duo Mem1, of which Cetilia and his wife Laura make up one half. If, like this writer, you were appreciative of their output, then be confident that this work is nourished by the same creative earnestness that drives a relentless search for “different” pulsation and uncustomary timbres. 

Cetilia produces divergent sonorities from intricate cyclic feedback mechanisms following the directives of that vibration. Amidst unpredictable mutations and ever-changing kinetics, those sounds can shatter into thousands of particles, or adopt the shape of mesmerizing drones, occasionally merging individual traits in a single composition. Still, for pieces such as “Acidevac” or “Cismys”,  the best definition would have to be “advanced techno minimalism” – and, believe it or not, I could get mentally high off of it for hours. Overall, immersion in these waters while in a semi-lucid state typically has a galvanizing, psyche-improving impact. In order to better comprehend Cetilia’s metamorphic palette, listening via top-quality headphones (possibly blocking out outside noise) is strongly recommended. 

When discussing a special talent, having to recur to specific names may sound preposterous. Give this album part of the space in your must-have collection, though, if you also think David Lee Myers/Arcane Device and Tod Dockstader’s production is deserving of it. You’ll get hooked on several of these little marvels, I promise.

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