Neither / Nor

By fastidiously juxtaposing the communal benignity of various non-figurative jargons – all of them founded on timbral, rather than linear characteristics – Joe Moffett, Dan Peck and Carlo Costa propose different angles, both to the recipients at home and themselves as extremely alert improvisers. Originated by variable techniques of emission, unendingly changing their impulsiveness inside a setting recalling an ancient rite carried out in total reconditeness of meaning, these sounds demand, take and exercise space as they grab the attention slowly but steadily. In spite of the palette’s divergence – as opposed to more “classic” free improv formats – tuba, trumpet and percussion display a relatively tranquil coexistence, either in noisier contexts (“Sunblind”) or more brooding flows (“Depths”). Early-age reverberations, clashing (or less) overtones and a general composure in the reciprocation of acoustic intents complete the definition of sonorities that, for the large part, are pretty interesting.

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